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Post  Bailey Royer on Fri Mar 23, 2012 9:50 am

Hi, my name is Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen. I grew up in Paris France and lived with my 6 brothers and sisters. My dad had a small boat shop near the ocean and built fixed and designed boats for others to buy. He soon passed his business onto me and I became popular. Yet I still never had enough money to support my mother after she became sick. I was part of the 3 estate and had to pay very high taxes and never had money for my own. The shop was going under along with all the other smaller businesses. We all hated the upper people like the 2 and 1 estate people. The First and Second Estates treated us Third Estate people poorly. They didn’t give us the respect we deserved. We would work and work to help are families as the upper people sat and did nothing to help us. My friends and I had talked about revolting agenst them but I thought it was no use. We are much to weak and powerless to do anything, they have complete power over us, so I thought. I had no idea how many of us there was. One night wile closing the shop I heard lots of screams and drums. I headed down the pear to the lights. There were people on buildings and people holding flames and sings that said..”3 estate treated unfairly…we want rights... we have the power to fight!” I had no Idea how many people where part of the 3 estate. They where burning buildings and throwing bricks threw windows. There were people stealing and fighting with guards. It was about time to go when we all heard sirens horns and running horses. I ran along with every one els to my home and told my wife and mother and kids what was going on. The seemed worried about me at first because I was all pumped up but they seemed to like what I was saying and eventually agreed but my wife said it was time to go to bed and so I did with my family. I had know idea what was going to happen the next day...

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Post  jordan1191 on Mon Apr 02, 2012 9:44 am

who doesnt love spongebob. quick question. ummm is mayoneiz an instrument. good job


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