The taking of the bastille

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The taking of the bastille Empty The taking of the bastille

Post  jordan1191 on Mon Mar 26, 2012 8:59 am

During the storming of the Bastille i was impersonating a french priest. It had taken me a long time to get this far in the Church. Having to kill several people who realised my identity. Covering up my tracks was a difficult. Every were there was someone snooping up my trail. everyone who did met the sting of my blade. I provided information to the third estate about the condition of the Bastille and her gaurds. This information proved vital. For the next month i would provied constant updates on the the condition of the Bastille. this leaded up to the attack. Most of the guard there i came to know well and learned they were just trying to make some money for their families. Some of them up to five children. They all died. Every last one of their families lost their fathers because of what i did. I never wanted to see france or the Bastille again. I barely made it out. for during the attack i was dressed as a priest and almost got killed by some third estaters. A couple weeks later i met the love of my life. She was barely twenty, but when i looked into her eyes my i'd never want to look away. Me and my new Wife set east to Italy with our coming child.


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