Meeting Of The Estates General.

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Meeting Of The Estates General. Empty Meeting Of The Estates General.

Post  MattHolm on Mon Mar 26, 2012 9:22 am

The meeting of the estates general was a very "happy" time in my life. All was well in Paris, I remember just what was happening on that day. I was out walking on past an old tennis court when i saw a large group of people walking down the street they looked fairly "governmental" or "fancy" so i just turned and walked the other way but little did I know they where actually going to that tennis court! At this point I was extremely confused because why would they be going to a tennis court? Well word eventually spread and I learned that the meeting hall that they were planned to go to was locked. At this point they were not all splitting up when they all got together so they went to the nearest place that could fit that many people. I am still not sure how many there was but there must have been at least 300. A few days later I was walking once again and I heard a hareld yelling out something that was what I heard the Tennis Court Oath. This must of been what those people where doing in the tennis court. It was all coming together now but I still was not sure why they met in the tennis court. So I countinued listening in on what the herald had to say. He said that they where writing a document that declared a constitution and they will not stop writing until they get it approved. This brought great joy to the community and hapiness to all. The only problem was getting it approved. A constitution is not just one law its a huge thing that changes a country forever.


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