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Post  KylePick on Fri Mar 30, 2012 8:41 am

I have stated in an earlier post that I heard have rumors of Robespierre getting his head cut off as punishment for the Reign of Terror. Once I had returned to France I realized that the rumors were true and that the execution had not happened yet. I thought it was irrespondsible that people once again blamed those they thought were the cause of a time of misfortune. I decided not to go to this one, I already have seen too many innocent souls beheaded, I really did not need to see another. The next day I apologized to Lord Damon for the time I spent in Switzerland to escape the madness of the French. Then I remembered that I am a proud doctor of the Third Esate, and I would no more participate in these games of fear and corruption. I went to go purchase some ingrediants for my medicine and start working my occupation again, however I chose the wrong time to come. The shop was closed due to the exection down the street. I heard the screams of citizens awaiting the execution. Then silence, I was certian that Robespierre was now dead. I wrote a note to the shopkeeper stating that I needed supplies and hurried home. Unlike the kings execution, I did not feel any guilt for the man that forced me to flee my country.


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