Napolean, the dawn of a new day

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Napolean, the dawn of a new day Empty Napolean, the dawn of a new day

Post  KylePick on Fri Mar 30, 2012 8:58 am

For the longest time that I can remember, a very impressive military leader named Napoleon had led the French Army to many spectacular victories. Except one that I believe I only know. When traveling to Switzerland, I drifted through the other countires such as Prussia, Austria and even Egypt when I believed I went on a cargo ship heading to America. While there in Egypt, I sharpened my knoweldge and saw Napoleon's first major lost. However, we are now both back in France and Napoleon has clawed his way to power. First he was the First Consul for life when he got back and now he just crowns himself emperor of the French. I know people like Napoleon, he will act like a absolute monarch but rule like a dictator. I don't know why the French love him so much, I thought we wanted a democracy? Now we just let a military leader rule us, even though the cause of this revolution was for this not to happen? I have seen how the French act to people with alot of power, one way or another Napoleon will be beheaded just like Louis and Robespierre. I suppose he is making our country stronger and more prosperous, for now I guess I will take what I can get and pray corruption will not follow me. I have enjoyed being a doctor again, last month I helped several people who were wounded from being in Napoleon's army. They say he is as good as any ruler, but like I siad before, I still do not fully trust him.


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