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Post  MattHolm on Fri Mar 30, 2012 9:09 am

Over the past few days rumors have been being scattered around Paris saying that there is something bad about to happen in France and everyone should flee as fast as they can. Nobody has a name for it yet but I had some ideas. What is apparently going to happen is that one's neighbor can have him be executed for doing innocent things like cutting down a tree that they the neighbor did not want cut down, you may be executed for this. To me this sounds rediculous but who knows there is no king anymore... A few days later there were people being executed all over France it would only be day's until it came to Paris. I wasnt sure what to do! I was in panic I was confused my mind was in chaos just like France, but i couldnt leave im the lord of Paris im no peasant. I eventually thought of what to do to save me from this madness, I would think of a name for this time period. I traveled to the building that held the group that was in charge of this madness lead by Maxamillion Robespierre, And thats the man I wanted to go to. As I walked up those stairs I had my life on the line and I knew it, if they didnt like what I had to say I was most likely not going to live much longer. I spoke to a man outside the room and he would bring me to the room that they would be meeting at. As I walked into the room I got strange stares from all around and sitting at the head of the table was Maximllion Robespierre... I was so worried that i cant remember what I did but all I know is my purpose for talking to him, I wanted to make a name for this horrible time. In my opinion I though it would save me from almost certain eath since my name is known to so many people. From all I can remember I told Robespierre that I had a name for this time period that you are in charge of, I said that it should be called the reign of terror. He sort of took it to affence for a short while but he knew why it should be called that so he agreed. I was so relieved but it did not do what I expected for me. just the next day the wave of death came to Paris i woke up and the first thing I saw was a guillatine in the middle of the square. People were beginning to gather around the square but who could of been executed? was there an yother executions before I woke up? I got dressed as fast as I could and ran out the door to the square. I was thinking to myself, why would they be doing this in public? its just cruel and unusual punishment. Soon after i saw a carriage roll up with 3 people in the back. One middle aged man who must of been out working in the fields because he was quite dirty, then there was a elderly man. Why him? What could he have done? Is this Reign Of Terror thing really that bad? but then i see someone come out from behind the old man. A little girl... I couldnt believe my eyes the whole crowd was in shock and awe, nobody knew what was happening well what could someone do when they saw a little girl coming for execution. This really confused me at the same time though. What could of made this happen? She was the first one to go to the Guillatine. A man from the military clearly high ranking came up in front of the audience and said that the girl was caught stealing from a house. The girl had no intensions of doing things bad like that it was just out of pure hunger. I couldnt watch this I went into my house and sat there doing absolutly nothing for a long while until well I heard an outbreak outside. I looked out my window and saw the crowd attacking the carriage and guards it must of been the little girls death that caused this people were going berserk many people were running in with pretty much everything you could imagine. I wanted to go out there but by the time i went to put my shoes on the guards were dead and the carriage was in ruins. This is the reign of terror, Cold, Heartless, Punishment...


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