The Invincible Napoleon, Defeated!

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The Invincible Napoleon, Defeated! Empty The Invincible Napoleon, Defeated!

Post  KylePick on Fri Mar 30, 2012 9:18 am

Well, Napoleon's good luck streak just ended because he has been losing alot of battles lately. Apparently he did rather well against the Austrians, but it was the Russians who deafeated him. There were some major conflicts with the Russians stating that they were not happy with Napoleons's rule over them. Almost without thinking, Napoleon got his Grand Army and declared war on Russia. However, it was the Russian's cleverness rather than strength that deafeated Napoleon. The technique they used was "scorched earth", I learned about it when I had traveled to Russia during my escape from France. I was in a snowstorm near death when a family called me into their house to warm myself. They told me about the "scorched earth" and I was pretty blown away. If there was any enemie coming they would just burn everything leaving nothing behind and head eastward. This tactic proved good against Napoleon, every where he went there was no food, water or shelter. The cold of the Russian lands also proved too much for Napoleon. Unfortunatly for him, once he returned back to France he had lost almost his whole army. Soon after, he was exiled from France to an island in the Mediterranean called Elba. I suppose one of Louis's succesors will rule now. Things in France just get more and more out of control every day.


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