Robespierre's Execution

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Robespierre's Execution

Post  MattHolm on Mon Apr 02, 2012 8:54 am

I remember this day like it was yesterday, This was a highlight of my life. I was getting ready to go to one of the many meetings I must go to 3 days a week when I started hearing people talk about Robespierre, well I know that people are always talking about him but everyone that was around was talking about him. Then I saw many military cavalry ride up and a few hundred feet behind was a carriage. Who was it? it looked like a fairly well dressed man. As he came closer i realized it was Robespierre the crowd cheered and yelled Robespierre was being executed... everything is confusing now because I couldnt hear myelf think! Several hundreds of people surrounded the guillatine as Robespieerre was brought to the guillatine. A few seconds late the reign of terror was over.


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