Meeting of the Estates General :P

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Meeting of the Estates General :P

Post  Bailey Royer on Mon Apr 02, 2012 8:56 am

Some days later, after the storming of the bastille, we noticed that are rights had not gotten better but worse. It is June 20th 1789. We were no longer allowed to enter public places and wernt given permssion to vote and attend meetings. The upper people thought we where dangerous and thought we were to unstable to be walking around aimlessly. We could not vote or tell the public how we feel. The king locked us out of everything. The upper men liked how we couldnt vote because they alwase got there ways. We had to find a big place that could hold all of us 3rd estates because we were not allowed in the meeting hall. We found a big tennis court and talked about what was going on. Are rights had gotten worse. The king had basically giving up on us. While we were in the court we tried making a constitution.

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