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Post  jordan1191 on Mon Apr 02, 2012 9:23 am

Napoleon has recently returned to reclaim the throne. He has done the impossible Refuse to stay on an island and get paid to do it. I beleived no mere man could refuse such an option. But it seems i have underestimated him. Napoleon isnt one for money or power. He wants glory. Anything to make him recognized will be on his list of options. He now claims war is not what he strives for. But i beleive it is the inevitable. I do not wish for Napoleons death, but more so his freedom. I think that if we isolate him on an island, with only a few guards, he will never be able to leave. He will be out of sight and out of mind. We should keep him like this until his final days. It has been around 90 days since Napoleons rearrival into France. And i can tell this fued is drawing to a close. He had won a great victory, but the rest that followed were crushing defeats. He had lost the touch and is now faceing complete termination unlesss he surrenders. I had already presented my idea to the allied countries but if the decide on anything else. I will not stand in their way


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