Cahiers and The Meeting Of The Estates General

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Cahiers and The Meeting Of The Estates General Empty Cahiers and The Meeting Of The Estates General

Post  JingleyJess on Mon Apr 02, 2012 9:50 am

Louis XVI had us, as in all of the estates, prepare Cahiers listing our grievances for the meeting we had. I'm not sure what the other Second estaters asked for but i called for (wrote) reforms such as fairer taxes for the Third estaters, freedom on the press, and such other things like equality. The meeting was a disaster! Traditionally, each estate will meet and vote separatly and only have one vote but then under this system that would be unfair for the third estaters because then the first and second estaters would out vote them 2 to 1. This time though, and i souly agree with them, the Third Estate wanted all three estates to meet in a single body, with votes counted by head. After weeks of stalemate, delegates of the Third Estate claimed to represent the people of france and declared themselves to be the National Assembly. I was so happy that this happened that when they invited other delegates from other estates i snuck away from my family and helped them write a constitution, describing the basic rules and laws of government. A few days later though we found our meeting hall locked and guarded but that didnt stop us, instead we went to a tennis court were we made an oath "Never to seperate and to meet wherever the circumstances might require until we have established a sound and just constitution." After that the king finally excepted us but thier were rumors saying that he planned to dissolve the assembly. HA yeah right! Just try it!


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